11 March10 April 2016
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Christer Jonsson, Garden of Fortuna (detail image), 2015.

In correlation with the National Museum's initiative "Smyckeskonst 2016", where several museums, galleries and artists' organizations in Stockholm show contemporary jewelry art during the spring of 2016, we highlight the jewelry artist and silversmith Christer Jonsson with an exclusive and small exhibition.

The common theme of the brooches is the garden, a metaphor for different mental or emotional states. In terms of form, all are structured around a common architectural basic structure interwoven with vegetative form elements. The enamel techniques are the classic ones: émail à ronde bosse, émail cloisonné and émail plique-à-jour. The metals titanium and niobium are used for their coloring effect.

Christer Jonsson, Ring V anitas, 2015.
Christer Jonsson, Merry Go Round (Brooch Carousel), 2015.

"What I have aimed for is an aesthetic completeness focused on both joy in life and humor (and seriousness). The childish (and superficial) symbols – hearts, skulls, and Thalia masks (and Melpomene) are figures that cannot be misunderstood. I hope that those who see my brooches also perceive an element of playfulness, something that I have underlined by the fact that the central parts are often movable - they can be turned and thus the various figures can be exposed or turned away".

    -  Christer Jonsson about his jewelry 

Christer Jonsson, Garden of Amphotrite, 2016.
Christer Jonsson, Garden of Cupido, 2015.
Christer Jonsson, Maria in Rose Garden, 2009.
Christer Jonsson, Ring V anitas (opened), 2015.

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