The Collection

Probably the most unique feature of Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum is the replica of Sven-Harry’s former home: 18th century manor house called Ekholmsnäs on Lidingö, which is on the top of the museum. Both at the manor Ekholmsnäs and here at the museum Sven-Harry has furnished the rooms with furniture, carpets and artwork so that they would fit together. 
Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to take part of Sven-Harrys' extensive art collection, built up over 35 years of dedicated collecting. Paintings by Carl Fredrik Hill, Helene Schjerfbeck and Ernst Josephson are joined by more contemporary acquisitions with art work by Ylva Snöfrid and Dan Wolgers. Rugs by Märta Måås Fjetterström intermingle with furniture designed by Georg Haupt, Åke Axelsson and Gio Ponti.
Vy över Ekholmsnäs gård
View of Ekholmnäs gård.
View from inside the collection.
Carl Fredrik Hill, Quarry with shrubbery, 1876.
“In my world the artist and viewer have inner similarities. When I choose art the decision is fully based on my own preferences. My inner boils wildly just like Hill, Josephson och Strindberg."
Sven-Harry Karlsson
August Strindberg, Beach at Kymmendö, 1873.
Liss Eriksson, The Cellist, 1963.

The building has dual functions – housing and culture – and functions separately from each other with two separate entrances from Eastmansvägen. On top of the building you find a replica of Sven-Harry's former home Ekholmsnäs at Lidingö. The design was made by Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor in consultation with Sven-Harry himself.

”It is what's inside - the art - that makes this building public. The cover is only an advertisement." 
Anna Höglund / Gert Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor
View of the sculpture terrace, in the picture you can see the artwork "The Birds" by Axel Wallenberg, 1940s.
Åke Axelsson, Jubileum (chair), 2000.

The surface of the facade consists of the same alloy as the Swedish 10 krona and the Euro. From afar, it looks like a jewelry box, whose main task is to protect its jewels behind solid sheets of metal. Sven-Harry Karlsson, the man behind the construction and housing company Folkhem, had the house built in 2011. The building is today a landmark in the middle of Vasaparken and contains his lifelong interest in architecture and art.

View of the sculpture terrace, in the picture you can see the artwork "Flying Horse" by Ulla Kraitz and Gustav Kraitz, 2014.
View of Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum with its golden facade.

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