The Foundation

Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum is owned and run by a foundation with the mission to promote activities in the field of art history, architecture and construction. The foundation established in 2001 and has since then annually awarded scholarships to prominent artists. 

Artwork by Ayan Farah, one of the 2023 scholars. The image is cropped.

Scholarship 100,000 SEK

One of the Foundation's purposes is to award a scholarship of 100,000 SEK to promising artists, or to people who perform commendable efforts in the fields of art science, architecture and construction.

The scholarship cannot be applied for, instead it is a jury that selects to whom the scholarship is awarded. Members of the jury are: Sara Arrheniusdirector at the Swedish Institute in Paris, Mia Hägginternationally recognized architect and founder of Habiter Autrement, Ashik Zaman, founder of C-print och member in Konstnärsnämnden's board. President of the jury: Dragana Kusoffsky Maksimovic, CEO of Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum.

So far, the foundation has awarded 18 scholarships.

Members of the Foundation

Yvonne Sörensen Björud

Member of Honor 
Sven-Harry Karlsson

Jonas Brandt
Kristina Ekberg
Michael Elmenbeck
Ann-Christine Nykvist

The Scholars

2023 Ayan Farah and Petra Gipp

2019 Lundahl and Seitl

2017 Mårten Lange

2016 Bea Szenfeld

2015 Mia E Göransson

2014 Lars Englund

2013 Marja-Leena Sillanpää

2012 Åsa Kallestenius and Ann-Sofi Sidén

2011 Lars Kleen

2009 Åsa Larsson

2008 Eva Kerek

2006 Sonja Larsson

2005 Maria Hall

2004 Karin Mamma Andersson

2003 Meta Isæus-Berlin

2002 Ylva Snöfrid