Art in Fashion

14 February27 September 2020
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Nikoline Liv Andersen, Only Angels have Wings, 2014. Photo: Pelle Bergström

To explore the importance of fashion for art and the importance of art for fashion, does Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, under the direction of guest curator Cay Bond, arranges the exhibition Art in Fashion.

For his first exhibition at Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum has Cay Bond, fashion scientist, journalist, culture scout and experienced trend analyst, selected 14 important clothing designers – Swedish and international stars – who all have in common that their designs are clearly influenced by art.
Astrid Olsson, Tyll Sphere, 2019. Photo: Pelle Bergström
Olivier Saillard, Moda Povera, 2019. Photo: Pelle Bergström

Successful fashion designers have always been sensitive to the present. They share that sensibility with artists, where the relationship has always been almost symbiotic. Here you can see Olivier Saillard's attention-grabbing installation "Moda Povera", Copenhagen-based Nikoline Liv Andersen's dramatic creations, which the artist Björk has worn in various performances, as well as award-winning hit creator Selam Fessahaye's design with characteristic material explosions. H.K.H. Princess Madeleine's favorite designer Linda Nurk shows a novelty, Ann Bonander Looft's romantic knitted garment in soft wool, a perfectly tailored coat from BITE studios, elegant dress and smoking by the Danish royal family's favorite Mark Kenly Domino Tan (MKDT), Diana Orving's artistic touch in feminine creations and internationally recognized Martin Bergström's organically inspired creations.

Nikoline Liv Andersen, The Dance of the Deaf and Dumb Eye, 2011.

When Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum, together with Cay Bond, now presents works by the avant-garde of the fashion world, it is both a tribute to the bold, modern and innovative, and an attention to classic craftsmanship and stylish design language. Fashion and art always arouse interest and engagement, and this is an exhibition that will speak volumes.

The exhibition brings together works by Nikoline Liv Andersen, BITE, Martin Bergström, Ann Bonander Looft, Selam Fessahaye, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, Linda Nurk, Astrid Olsson, Diana Orving, Stina Randestad, Olivier Saillard, Bea Szenfeld, Henrik Vibskov and Wilhja.
Bea Szenfeld, Daisi Doody, 2019.
Selam Fessahaye, Her Name is King, 2019.