Alexander Lervik Imaginations x12

24 January9 February 2020
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In the exhibition Imaginations x12, designer Alexander Lervik examines the encounter between art and design. The exhibition, which consists of twelve different works, is an attempt not only to capture today's zeitgeist, but also to demonstrate the closeness art has to the process of making furniture as a designer.

Among the works, which all connect to one of all areas of art, are interpretations of surrealism, minimalism and video art. In all of his works, Alexander has explored how art can interact with and utilize technological developments.

In the exhibition, Alexander Lervik tries to play with the idea of what can and cannot be art. How a utility object such as a chair becomes something completely different if the format and size are changed or what happens if graffiti is allowed to take up space in the living room. Alexander has previously worked with 3D printing, a method he now takes to the next level in the exhibition. One of the objects will be sold and produced worldwide but will be produced locally at smaller carpentry shops using CNC machines and lasers. In this way, the environmental impact and transport are minimized in a way that in the long run can change the entire industry. He also highlights some of our major social issues such as loneliness and the environmental impact of aviation and how this affects the way we look at experiences.