Introductory tours

Shorter introductory tours are given daily with one of our museum hosts. The tour lasts about 10 minutes and is given once every hour starting at 11:00. The introduction is given in Swedish.

During the summer starting from June, an introduction in English is held weekdays at 14:00, weekends at 15:00.

Guided tours

Three days a week, longer tours are given in Swedish. The tour last about 60 minutes, starts at 12:00 and is given on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Additional information

Both the longer and shorter introductory tours are included in the admission price and no pre-booking is required. The tours are not intended for groups. If you are 10 people or more, please contact us at: With reservation for changes.

You are allowed to take photos during all tours, but please refrain from using flash, and from recording audio or video. Please respect the guide's privacy.