The Invisible Body

1 November 20177 January 2018
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Lode Kuylenstierna, Homo Digitalis, 2017.

The invisible body is a unique collection of pictures, taken at medical laboratories, used for scientific purposes. The exhibition presents research from a different perspective - the visual – yet not. The exhibition shows pictures of different parts and illnesses in the body. It aims to tell stories about research in the frontline and about the fascinating work of scientists. The exhibition includes seminars by scientists in different fields of medicine.

Helena Mutanen, Jus Sanguinis, 2016.
Hanna Beling, Little Tora.

The exhibition tells about medical research with the image as a point of departure. The exhibition also features a historical perspective that includes material from the Hagströmer Library's archives and contemporary contributions from the photographer Lennart Nilsson. In addition, a part is shown that deals with the technical development of visualization, as part of medical research.

Christian Partos, Book.
Lode Kuylenstierna, Homo Digitalis, 2017.

The exhibition presents technical installations by, among others, the internationally known digital media artist Refik Anadol as well as art works by artists such as Hanna Beling, Helena Mutanen, Christian Partos and Lode Kuylenstierna.

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.

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