Mia E Göransson

28 September27 November 2016
Previous exhibition

Mia E Göransson designs subtle and ethereal works at the same time as she pushes boundaries and develops the ceramic possibilities for great art. We are very pleased to be able to show an extensive exhibition of older works as well as new ones.

Mia E Göransson, Bonbonjar (bone porcelain), 2003. Photo: Hans Bjurling
Portrait of Mia E Göransson.

Mia E Göransson is one of the most renowned ceramic artists in the Nordic region. In the past, she has been inspired by nature and our relationship to it. This involves castings in porcelain of twigs, leaves, buds, and stones.

Today, Mia E Göransson is more focused on the environment around us. Today, her expression is more surreal than before and she works to a greater extent with colors. She often uses the fragile material bone porcelain, which she learned to master, and has developed her own unique style.

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